Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bootcamp (November 6, 2011)

So time is almost up and it's coming down to the wire. Hell week wasn't that bad, but this week, week 5 is gonna suck. Final inspection with our dress uniform should be the easiest; final test with barely any time to study; final PFA which I'm not so nervous about.

I've lowered down my run time to 14:02 without killing myself. Extra hour of sleep last night was nice though. Oh! And the craziest thing, I added a little bit of sugar to my morning meal with some nasty coffee mixed with hot cocoa. I've been filled with so much more energy and happier ever since! I knew I was a sweet head but that's nuts!
The power of sugar.

Graduation is right around the corner and I can't wait! Boot has gotten easier and the "mood" more lax but still, freedom is highly missed and not being so anal over silly stuff like a perfectly measured stowed rack. >.<

Anyway, i don't have much time; a lot to prepare for.



  1. Ugh 3 letters... i have 3 letters i never effing sent now i feel like a total douche... If i send them will you even get it even if you graduate tomorrow?

  2. I think I got two of your letters. one in boot and one at my A-school, but that's what you get for being a bum XP

  3. I finally caught up and read the blog, I feel bad I never had gotten to it. I could give you excuses but it's mostly that I didn't know where the blog was and every time I thought to ask my short attention span took over. So bottom line, I'm sorry. I'll be following you from now on, it'll show up on my blog feed so I'll see it. I'm glad to hear you've survived and I wish I had gotten to see you more when you were in NYC. It felt rushed when I was there (Amanda hadn't been there in a year and so I kinda let her drag me around). This "Letter" thing you speak of sounds like work... I have to WRITE the words out onto paper? Like actually move a pencil around on paper? Why computer no write for me? Computer smart. I scream at computer what I want to say so it record me then I mail it. Writing too hard. Brian Sleep Now.