Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bootcamp (10/25/11?)

Well it's officially 4-1 day. Almost there! Today has been a very eventful day. Awoke at 4am to do my 1st, technically 2nd (was sick for 1st one) PFA (Physical Training Assessment). I was sooo nervous! Especially for the run >.< But I actually MADE MY RUN!! I surpassed my push ups; needed 16, I did 32. Fell short on my sit ups I'm afraid. I did 30 something and need 46, T.T., sadness. But I'm pleased with the results because it only means I can pass the final PFA in 3 weeks! And that is the only one that matters to graduate. Also today was a 2hr or so long weapon inspection. Where I stand at attention for like EVER and almost faint. I only got 1 hit on the first portion on a question. I knew because I blanked with a mind rush...oh well. We still passed and 1 hit is nothing though I could have had 5.0, darn it. So yes, this is what they call HELL WEEK. Tomorrow, ZONE, an inspection on our fold and stow and racks while we're are gone playing with guns. It's supposed to look like a tornado hit when we get back. I'm not nervous. Next day, Drill Assessment; we get graded on our marching as a division.

Our divisional flag is almost done. It's cool AND cute. It's a piggy bank in the form of a Destroyer. Our motivation line is "Make Money". No I didn't draw it or paint it. I put out ideas and all but in the end I'm blessed not having to deal with the stress. Never fear though, it looks good. I approve ^.^ I got to put in an order for t-shirts and sweaters. I ordered 1 hoodie. I wanted a shirt but they said the girls shirts come 2x smaller than the average shirt and with the clothes I wear, and the way I feel (a mix between fat and skinny)I didn't know what size to order. I don't even know what I'd look like in my old civies; I can't gauge; I don't know what I look like. My NWU's (Navy Work Uniform) is baggy on me now, but I feel fat when the only time I see myself is in a sports bra; very unappealing.
I miss bras and cute panties XD; steel toe boots are kick ass though. Ugh, can you tell today has been a long day? Taps isn't till 10 tonight... yaaay.

Boot isn't so hard anymore. It's become routine and in it's own right, fun. Granted, I miss a lot but as long as I keep moving, I'm fine. I found out after A-School I have the equivalent of 2 weeks free time. I kinda wanna come home for Christmas, say 5 days but that would take 5 days away and then if I do the 5 day recruiter assistance program, that will take another 5 (a few hrs of 5) that I get back in my leave days when I head to my command and tell them; leaving me 4 days utterly free after A-School. Thoughts? Should I just hold out till after school so only 5 days are lost or the sooner the visit the better? Just giving you guys a heads up because if you want to see me, you're gonna have to work around my schedule; granted I'm trying to work with you guys as well.

I had gotten a letter from Shelley; made me very happy, I cried. Also got one from Carolyn and my heart leaped. My mom writes me like everyday and it is seriously one of the highlights of my day. SO WRITE ME YOU LAZY ASS BUMS!!!!

On another note, I look like a mess; you all would love it. If there are pictures taken before I get to start decent grooming, I'll show you all. I'm sure you'll get a good laugh. Especially when you see me in my BCGS (Birth Control Glasses).

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