Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Bootcamp letter (9/27/11)

Today was hard but we pulled together. To start off so strong this morning only to fall apart. We got punished. Today was the day we got marked FFD (fit for duty)so the IT'd (Intensive Training) as punishment. It was hard. My clothes were soaked through all the way to the outer garments. We wear 2-3 layers daily. Oh and they make us wear "skeevies" that's right Hanna, the dreaded granny panties. Oh they will be burned, LoL.

When thought is able to cross my mind beyond orders, I think of you guys. Today I though of GIO and MANNY (look, see, the disease is spreading. I don't know why I wrote the names in Recruit Hand Writing). Anyway, you both corssed my mind through I.T. As you both insulted me in your own ways, challenging me and encouraging me to push on. It was about 1 hr long and we technically didn't finish. We surprisingly didn't lose any girls, 3-4 guys dropped. Hooyah, will power! After that we became
well behaved again. I think that's why our RDC (Recruit Division Commander0 didn't continue it after Hygiene (shower + such). Manny made me laugh. He's such an asshole. I love you dumb-ass.

Surprisingly, I thought of Jerald after that. Guess I was in need for sweetness and affection; a gentle nature to counter the physical and mental harshness we had overcome. Being in a room full of women is weird. I'm so glad my division is integrated. Women are weird...or some anyway. I can't figure some of them out... well at least the heart of it. I see what they're doing, a lot of attitude, only wants to be heard but not listen. Once they put their wanna-be dominant egos aside and put others first before themselves, that's when things will mesh. It's kind of annoying.

Oh! I got my BCG's (Birth Control Glasses) today! I look like an epic nerd! XD Hair's a mess (poofy); could be worse. Boots are sexy,but we need to wear them mad tight so blistering will occurring till the leather breaks in; regardless, they're still comfy inside.

Well it's 20:45 (8:45 pm) going to bed.

Nighters <3


  1. Elena! I have like 5 letters sitting by the door waiting to be mailed to you! That being said, OH THE GRANNIE PANTIES. If worse comes to worse, use them as a white flag of truce! I'm so proud of you!