Monday, August 15, 2011


Ok so like I said, this would be going in stages. My first few post will be pre-boot. Not sure how many there will be. Maybe you'll be lucky and this will be the only one lol.

So life right now is dull. I'm on an island where my friends are practically all 2hrs away and it drains my parents dry to take a trip even for just a week or a few days...bc it's freaken expensive. Never mind all the pain in the ass planning that goes along with it and how it affects everyone around me T_T
So that makes me the most annoying person amongst my friends right now bc I'm always bugging them to talk to me LOL. I know, I'm starting to lay off guys. Keeping myself busy with chores ^_^;

So anyway. My life right now consists of reporting in to my section leader on Mondays, going to PTs on Tuesdays (PT means Physical training), Dep meetings at the Navy recruiting office on Thursdays (Dep means Delayed Entry Program: it's what recruits partake in till they ship out allowing them to learn information and train them before boot so it will be easier on them. These meetings also include PTs), and every day going through my stuff and deciding what I'm keeping and what goes. It's been much more work than I thought. Being an artist makes it even more difficult. Having to decide what art to keep or throw out. Having to rummage through all my notebooks for any good stories or sketches on the side. Never mind the stuff with emotional attachments. I had to go back to that stuff, I couldn't throw it out on my first round. Though, I am keeping my stuffed animals XD

So yea my life is very....boring right now. and I guess having friends far is for the best. Easier to leave w/o crying I guess. Anyway, that's it for now. Anything interesting happens I'll let you don't be surprised if this is the last post till boot LOL

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