Monday, August 15, 2011

The Creation

So this is my first post. Figured this would be going in stages. I'm pumped and excited and figured I'd run with that emotional bonus to post this.

So this blog is primarily meant to record and share my experiences as a Sailor to those who care to know. In boot I won't really be able to wright often and instead of choosing who to right to, I figured why not wright to EVERYONE!!! :D My plan, record my experiences and mail the letters home and have my Mom type it up...if she can read it XD
I DO want to receive letters from you people. Those friends who find the time. I don't mind if you type them up, print them out and mail them to me. Probably can't read most of your penmanship anyway lol. But seriously, from what I hear, letters are big, keep us sane and encourage us to press forward. Big for our moral. SO WRIGHT DAMN YOU!!!

Aaand the name. IC New Horizons. I know, I'm soooo clever XD. New Horizons is already a thing I started using towards all dealings in relation to my new future as a sailor. Going out, seeing the world (literally), meeting new people, making deep connections, that I'm told will last a life time ;D and simply experiencing/starting my life. Thus...seeing new horizons. IC actually is my rate aka job. Meaning Interior Communications (electrician). I know, you can all laugh it up, but you'll be thanking me when I'm fixing you computers, headsets and mics. XP
Anyway, putting them together, you can thank God for. I was stumped on how to get a url that wasn't already used. Then it just came to me, SNAP!!! IC New Horizons. IT WAS SO FREAKEN CLEVER!!! XD I know I take joy in the little things lol


  1. This is great Elena! What a wonderful way to stay in touch with everyone while you're away at bootcamp. I will do my best to stay abreast on all the blogs. You picked the right person for the job :o) LoL Love, Mom

  2. LOL I knew I did.
    You're my first blog comment like EVER!! Thank you Mom for participating in this, all your support, and being the first to comment on my blog. Really makes it feel like my blog is being used.
    I'll do my best to update when I can while in boot. ^.^

  3. Good, because as much as I'll be writing you I will be expecting lots of letters from you as well :o)