Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pre-Boot:: Unexpected

I went into my Dep meeting today and was surprised to be told I was given a leadership position as the Yoemen for my office. It is a real honor to be picked, I have no clue why I was picked, but it's still cool. I'm not used to be chosen for anything, so it was real cool. Sure it's sorta a pain because now I have more responsibility besides just focusing on myself, or helping others with their studies, but it's no big deal.

There's been some changes going on in the recruiting office, and now they are trying to make it feel a lil more like boot with the chain of command and with different privileged leadership jobs. So yea, that's the newest update....I had a tuna sandwich and now I'm hungry again -_- damn

1 comment:

  1. Chi, they were impressed with you the first time you walked through the door! They definitely see something in you and if they assigned you a job, its because they know you are the right person for the job. They stated in the beginning how well you speak and how organized you are. Your own recruiter said that you would do well as a recruiter. So it's all good :o)